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A Gallery of Sorts.

I like to cook. I also like to take pictures of what I cook. This combination of “hobbies” that has a questionable level of sanity, has made it so I have hundreds, if not thousands, of food pictures. Recently, with my new blog I came to realize that I have never actually put all of these pictures in one place. Instead, I sort through 10 thousand other non-food pictures in order to find what I need. So to solve my inherent problem, plus show the world (at least the part of it that reads this blog) what I have managed to capture along the way, I give you a photo gallery of sorts. No recipes, no story, just the picture and a caption telling you what it is. If you see something in the gallery of sorts that you would like to learn how to cook, please comment at the bottom of the post and I’ll get right on it. Some posts of things you will see are already in the works as a matter of fact. Stay hungry my friends…

Beef Bourguignon with fresh egg noodles

Tomato Soup with Mozzarella Cubes

Fried 3 Cheese Ravioli with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


Home made cheese-its


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza


Shoyu Ramen


Lobster with home made rigatoni


Ganache truffles


Fresh Italian Sausages


Fresh Chicken Eggs from my friend Doug (makes great pasta)


Assorted Sushi


Cooking steak and veggies on Himalayan salt block.


Osso Bucco on Saffron Risotto


Traditional Hot Wings


Apple Tart


Spice crusted pork chop with red wine reduction.


Personal Lasagnas


Clam Bake


Bang bang shrimp


Cajun Spiced Fried Chicken


Basil Fettucini




Venison Summer Sausage (jalepeno cheddar)


Chicken Gyro


Beef Brisket Sliders


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